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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I thought it was about time to come back to this poor little neglected blog of mine.

Since my last post in ... ahem ... January, I've been thinking a lot about my online presence and what direction I want to go with it. Especially since the doors for my writing seem to be opening for writing and illustrating children's books instead of writing YA fantasy novels, like I thought. Or even adult fantasy novels, which is what I started with twelve years ago.

As I thought, I kept coming back to "story." No matter what I end up doing with my life, I believe I will always be a storyteller. Whether I'm writing novels, writing and illustrating children's books, creating art just for the fun of it, or even doing photos of my toy collection, there's always a story somewhere in my mind as I work.

Several months ago, I changed my Instagram handle to "hannahprewettstories" instead of "hannahprewettauthor." I wanted to choose a name that included more than just my writing and would explain what my "brand" was all about. I feel it was a good change.

So, moving forward, I have several ideas about how to incorporate this theme of "story" into my posts, both here and on Instagram. I can't promise I'll be good at regular blogging again. Goodness knows I've failed pretty epically at that ever since quitting my original mommy blog. But when I do blog and post on Instagram and Facebook, I want to leave something cohesive behind. I'm not going to give a list of all of my ideas, because in the past I've laid out ideas and then not followed through with them, which tends to be embarrassing for me and frustrating for my readers. But I hope you'll bear with me as I slowly figure out what I'm doing. ;)

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