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Fairytale Fangirl Fun Facts

Updated: May 17, 2020

I thought it would be fun, as we begin this new adventure together, to share a few things about myself. Some of you know me from my previous blog, but this is especially for those of you who are new friends. Here are twenty random facts about me:

1. I’m thirty-five years old. (I’ll be thirty-six in September.)

2. I’ve lived in the same town my entire life…aside from five years in the town ten minutes away. 😉

3. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and best friend. We’ll celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary in June. Nathan and I met as children and attended the same church and school in our growing years. He’s three years older than me, but was only two grades ahead. We started out as “just friends” in high school, then started dating in my later high school years. We continued dating through college and married in 2002. Nathan is my biggest supporter, my friend, my role model, and my hero. He’s not perfect (thank goodness, because neither am I), but he’s pretty close. He makes me laugh and brings out the best in me.

Our first not date as “just friends” (although I was already smitten). I was fourteen, he was seventeen.

Our wedding day.

Our almost one year anniversary (taken one month early at our friends’ wedding).

At our anniversary trip last year to see Fernando Ortega in concert.

4. I’m a mom to three girls, ages almost thirteen, eleven, and nine. They are constant sources of inspiration for my writing, a reminder of my need for my Savior, and my special treasures. I can’t imagine life without them, even on the days when they’re driving me bonkers. They’re also my biggest fans and make great proofreaders.

The girls dressed up for this year’s Spirit Week at their school. I don’t ever show their full faces online to respect their privacy and keep them safe.

5. My favorite place to travel is the Northern California coast, especially the Trinidad/Eureka area and the Fort Bragg/Cleone region. Both locations were places I vacationed in my growing years, so they hold many special memories for me. I’ve always felt that beaches have an otherworldly quality to them. Maybe that’s why I decided to include them as locations in my books. 😉

6. My hobbies (aside from writing) include drawing, photography, singing, and collecting dolls and toys. My favorite photography usually has a doll or toy in it. Yes, that does often make people stop and stare during my photo shoots. Thankfully, my family is okay with my weirdness. 😉

7.  I have a boxer/lab mix puppy named Teddy. He’s eight months old and a total sweetheart, though I’m quickly learning that training a puppy is not an easy job!

8. I’m a follower of Christ and desire above all else to let my light shine for Him in everything I do.

9. I struggle with many areas in my life, especially with patience, self-control, and self-doubt. I’m so thankful for my Savior and my family, who love me through it all.

10. My all-time favorite books are The Chronicles of Narnia, Jane Austen’s classic stories, and Tender Grace. Okay, who am I kidding? I have a LOT more favorite books than that, but those are definitely at the top of the list.

11. My dream vacation is to take my girls to Disneyland. After that, I’d love to go to Disney World with Hubby for our 25th anniversary and visit the Beast’s castle. When we’re older and hopefully have the funds, I’d also love to go to Israel.

12. I’m a Disney nerd, a Whovian, and can sing most of the songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

13. My favorite My Little Pony is Fluttershy, with Applejack and Big Mac tied for second.

14. My favorite animals are unicorns. I even collect them!

15. I talk too much when I’m nervous or tired…or around someone who’s not very talkative. It makes me feel better to fill in the silent spaces with words.

16. I’m trying hard to work on body positivity, but I still miss being able to fit into my size 12 jeans. Almost enough to give up chocolate and pizza. 😉

17. My idea of torture is being forced to eat broccoli.

18. If I could have any other occupation, I’d want to voice a character for an animated Disney film, or for an Adventures in Odyssey episode.

19. My favorite movies (aside from my Disney faves: Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and Frozen) are Veer-Zaara, Rigoletto, Emma, The Princess Bride, and The Avengers. My favorite mini series are Tin Man, Alice, and Pride and Prejudice.

20. My all-time dream is to become a published author. I can’t wait to share the ups and downs of that journey with you here on this blog.

I think twenty facts is enough for now, don’t you? 😉 I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you as my readership grows.

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