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Writing Updates and Kitty Adventures

Updated: May 17, 2020

I always look forward to the beginning of summer. It’s a time when the obligations of school are gone, and the girls and I are free to stay in our pajamas, do crafts, and relax. A time to change things up a bit and get to all of those projects we’ve been putting off during the crazy schedule of the school year.

Then the beginning of summer actually comes, and I remember that summer doesn’t mean anything but a different kind of crazy. 😉 This year in particular, June hit us like a cyclone, full of activities, appointments, and trips. The only crafts that have happened are the ones the girls have started on their own. I have had one pajama day, but we’ve had to be somewhere every day besides that. Relaxing? Um, sure. Maybe next summer. And those projects? Yeah, not happening for a while.

But that’s okay. Things change. Kids go to camp. Kittens charm their way into your care. Appointments and obligations pile up. Houses need repairs. Life happens. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the summer, it’s that I need to go with the flow and not panic when things don’t go according to plan. And maybe get my laundry done so we have clothes to wear. 😉

In spite of the hectic pace of these past couple of weeks, I do have a couple of things to report.

First, I officially finished my final draft of my first book. While it was technically finished before, this time it’s right. I know it will most likely require edits in the future, but I also know it’s my best work. I think. If I don’t dwell on it too much. Because, let’s face it, I’ll always find things I want to change. I’m a perfectionist, and I constantly second-guess myself. That being said, when I finished the edits this round, I knew it was the story I wanted to tell.

I have my book submitted to a potential agent and a small publishing company. So now, it’s time to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, I’ll attend the Realm Makers writing conference in July, learn more about my craft, and make new contacts. I’m so excited to see what the next step of this writing adventure will be.

In lighter news, we have a new boarder at the Prewett household. Our neighborhood is full of cats. We probably have about fifty hanging around. At least five feral cats like to stay in our neighbor’s yard, and this spring, several litters of kittens made their appearance into the world. The girls spent hours playing with them and taming them. A lot of the kittens ended up with rheumy, infected eyes and snotty noses, so this past Monday, I took one of them to our veterinarian’s to make sure it was okay for the girls to be handling them. Long story short, we ended up with a cute little kitty in our house, administering topical and oral treatments. He’s just adorable. We might possibly be falling in love with him. And we might possibly be rethinking the whole “no inside cats” thing. 😉 We’ve named him Pumpkin.

Pumpkin on his way to the vet’s. Poor kitty!

He’s such a snuggle puss.

And very into modern technology.

He also makes a great writing buddy/neck warmer.

Teddy thinks Pumpkin is the greatest thing ever. The feeling is NOT mutual. 😉

His left eye still has a ways to go, but he’s already improved in just one week.

So, between writing and illustration obligations, taking care of human kiddos, and taking care of furry family members, it’s been a crazy summer so far. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Whether we do everything we hoped or nothing at all, I want to take the time to cherish the little moments. The purring kitten nestled on my shoulder. Playing not-fetch with Teddy in the backyard (he’s not interested in bringing the ball back). Snuggling with my youngest. Watching my middle daughter’s imagination come alive as she comes up with her latest craft or story idea. Sitting with my oldest and hearing all about her camp adventures. Holding Hubby’s hand. These things are what life is all about. Even if I have piles of laundry on my floor and piles of dishes in my sink.

Here’s to “happily ever after.” 🙂

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