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Just In Case You Were Wondering …

Updated: May 18, 2020

…I’m still alive. Yes, shocking, I know. I also know better now than to reveal my plans for upcoming blog posts since that worked so well after my last post. 😉

I do hope to get better at blogging regularly. I miss it. Plus, now that my new business cards read: “Hannah Prewett: Writer, Blogger, Artist, Dreamer,” it would probably be a good idea to be a somewhat consistent blogger. 😉

It’s been an interesting year of changes and challenges. Shortly after the last blog post, my community was hit with the horrible Carr Fire that devastated many homes of friends and acquaintances. Now, the nearby town of Paradise is reeling from the even more ferocious Camp Fire that has all but wiped out an entire community. My aunt and uncle, one of my friends, and one of the ladies from my doll club all lost their homes and almost everything they owned. It’s been a sobering event that has made me all the more thankful for my friends, my family, and my home.

All the while, my girls are continuing to grow faster than I can believe. My oldest only has three and a half more years of high school. I’m not sure what happened to that adorable, headstrong little cutie that used to twirl around the living room singing Disney princess songs. I blinked and she turned into a young woman. I’ve got to remember, no more blinking.

I wanted to share a few updates on my writing. First, I purchased Scrivener this summer and have absolutely fallen in love with it. It’s wonderful to be able to separate my books scene by scene and to have access to all of the other wonderful writing tools the program has to offer. I’m still learning, but I’ve already found it so helpful.

Second, it looks as though I may be attending not just one, but two writing conferences in 2019. I’m so excited!

The first is the West Coast Christian Writers Conference (or WCCW) in Livermore, CA in February. It’s a fabulous price for a short little two-day conference. I get to go with my two close writing friends, which will be amazing. And one of the keynote speakers is Robin Jones Gunn, who was the keynote at my very first writing conference in 2015. I’m looking forward to getting to connect with her again and some of the other wonderful writing friends and role models I’ve connected with in the past. 🙂

Then, in April, I’ll hopefully be attending the 2019 Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in the Santa Cruz, CA area. I love all the writing conferences I’ve attended, but this one holds a special place in my heart. I’m so looking forward to escaping to the beautiful trees and cabins and connecting with authors, editors, and agents once more.

I’m not sure what the Lord has planned for my writing, but I’m trying to focus on one day at a time, step by step. I’m also trying to keep a level head, not worrying about the future, but slowly and faithfully working away at my writing and letting God take care of the rest.

I’ve been pretty active on my author Instagram page, which has contributed to my lack of blogging. Someday, I might get the hang of doing all the social media things I’m supposed to be doing without feeling overwhelmed. 😉

I guess that’s about all I have to share for now. December is a pretty crazy month for us (as it is for many), but I hope to be back before the month is out and get back into my routine of blogging regularly. This entire post feels horribly clunky and full of too many adverbs and filler words. I’m out of practice! Thanks for hanging in there with me anyway.

Until next time, friends, may your December be merry and bright. May you have the chance to hold your loved ones close and find the wonder of the season in the midst of the chaos.

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