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Author: Hannah Prewett

Realm Makers Review

After a long, activity-filled weekend in Reno and a few days of hiding from the intense summer heat at my parents’ air-conditioned home, I finally have the chance to share some overall thoughts on my experience at Realm Makers 2017. Some of you may have followed my Realm Makers adventure on Instagram and YouTube, so I’ll try not to repeat myself too much. My aunt and my mom were my chauffeurs and traveling companions. It was nice to relax and visit instead of keeping my eyes on the road and attempting to find places without getting lost. Directions and maps...

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Ready for Realm Makers . . . Almost

Today’s the big day! In mere minutes, I’ll be on my way to Realm Makers, an all-speculative fiction writers conference. This year, it’s at the Atlantis Hotel in Reno, Nevada, which is rumored to have both live “mermaids” and unicorn statues. I’m all in. 😉 I’m nervous, excited, and mostly prepared. Usually, my nights are simple. My dog sleeps in his crate, my cat sleeps in my oldest daughter’s room, and my children sleep like angels. It’s only when I have somewhere to be that my cat decides to be a ninja kitty and either meow loudly or want...

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Location Inspiration

I’ve always loved it when authors use real locations for their stories, even if the location only plays a small part in the plot. As much as I enjoy visiting faraway lands like Narnia, Oz, and Neverland, there’s something about the inclusion of a familiar place that adds an extra dimension of reality to the adventure. It gives dreamers like me that little glimmer of hope. What if I could discover that same entrance and go there myself? Now, places like London, Kansas, and even ordinary closets hold a special fascination they never would have before I embarked on these...

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Writing Updates and Kitty Adventures

I always look forward to the beginning of summer. It’s a time when the obligations of school are gone, and the girls and I are free to stay in our pajamas, do crafts, and relax. A time to change things up a bit and get to all of those projects we’ve been putting off during the crazy schedule of the school year. Then the beginning of summer actually comes, and I remember that summer doesn’t mean anything but a different kind of crazy. 😉 This year in particular, June hit us like a cyclone, full of activities, appointments, and...

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Of Phantoms, Obsessions, and Color Blindness

I’m known to most of my family members and friends as someone who has slight obsessive tendencies. Okay, maybe “slight” is a bit of an understatement. From the latest Disney movies to my various collections, I tend to get excited about things. And one of my biggest obsessions when I was in high school and college was The Phantom of the Opera. My first exposure to Phantom was listening to the “highlights” soundtrack at a friend’s house when I was in junior high. While the music intrigued me, it scared me a little, too. I didn’t understand a lot...

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I’m Hannah

I’m a wife, mom of three girls, follower of Christ, artist and aspiring writer. I share a little of my story HERE

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