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Author: Hannah Prewett

The Great Reading Project of 2018

I used to read all the time. In a house without television, books were our entertainment during long, summer afternoons or quiet days after school. Books were an escape, a wondrous portal to worlds I could only imagine. I made hundreds of fictional friends, traveled to distant lands, and experienced thousands of amazing adventures. On Friday nights, my dad would read to my mom, my brother, and me as we all sat together in the living room. Whether it was The Chronicles of Narnia, Little House on the Prairie, or The Swiss Family Robinson, we loved that time together. My...

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When God Sends a Unicorn

As you probably could tell from my last blog post, I’ve been in a season of doubt and uncertainty, especially in my writing journey. Countless questions have swirled non-stop through my brain. I’ve felt the pressure of things I’m “supposed” to do, and I’ve stressed over how long it’s taken me to finish my first book from the germ of an idea to a full manuscript (seven years, if anyone needs to know). 😉 I’ve spent three years actively pursuing publishing. I’ve felt the urgency of getting my stories out there before someone else comes up with the same...

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The Case of the Missing Month

I’m not exactly sure what happened to January. All I know is that after Christmas, I had big plans. I was going to rearrange my living room and finally finish my epic decluttering of the house. I would host the doll club at my home on the second Friday of January. I would start up at the gym again. I would finally start attending Weight Watchers meetings again and even track food on my app instead of just paying for the membership and thinking about participating the way I was supposed to. I would put myself on a writing/blogging/social...

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Happily Ever After: A Beautiful Mess

I was one of those little girls who grew up dreaming about getting married and having kids instead of changing the world through a fascinating career. It was all I ever wanted for my life. I suppose this natural bent in my personality was only amplified by the plethora of Disney princess movies I watched as a kid. The fact that my mom was a wedding coordinator and one of her close friends was a florist probably played a part, too. I would drool over wedding dresses in magazines, think about the best flowers for wedding bouquets, dream about...

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Inktober in Retrospect

Somehow, October got away from me. So much for sharing about the rest of Inktober as I experienced it. 😉 Although it has now come and gone, I thought I’d still briefly share about the rest of my drawings. I can proudly say that I completed the month-long challenge, and only a few of the pictures were late. Just a warning, this post will be a long one. I tried to keep each description brief, but wordiness is one of my talents, so I hope you can bear with me. 😉 Day Eleven: “Run.” As a mild Whovian (I...

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I’m Hannah

I’m a wife, mom of three girls, follower of Christ, artist and aspiring writer. I share a little of my story HERE

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