Meet the Author

Welcome to my website! I’m so glad you stopped by. Here are a few things you might like to know about me.

  • My name is Hannah, but I’ve been known by many nicknames, such as Hansel, Hannha, Hambone, and Hannah Banana.
  • I’m a wife, mom of three girls, follower of Christ, and aspiring writer.
  • I quote Jane Austen and Disney movies.
  • I collect dolls and toys.
  • I love singing and acting.
  • I wear jeans and cartoon character t-shirts on a regular basis.
  • I believe that the world would be a much happier place if we all broke into spontaneous song and dance every once in a while.
  • I still geek out like a ten-year-old when the latest animated Disney film is released.
  • I shop in the toy aisle first at every store. No exceptions.
  • I have a weakness for chocolate, pizza, and Lucky Charms.
  • Rainy weather is my favorite.
  • I still secretly believe in unicorns and mermaids and have been known to search closets for Narnia.
  • I think Copic markers are one of the best inventions known to mankind.
  • I dabble in photography.
  • One of my guilty pleasures is My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.
  • I still refuse to eat broccoli.
  • If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live on the Northern California coast, preferably the Trinidad/Eureka area. I’d live in a small beach house with my family, my dog, and several cats, and would spend my time walking on the beach and writing.
  • I’m currently pursuing my dream to become a published author, and can’t wait to see what God has in store. 🙂


“…Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”
~C.S. Lewis